Latest Photos

Welcome to!  Here I post the images and video sessions (no audio since I broadcast to at the same time) of what I view from Northeast Philadelphia.  This site displays the images I capture on the left side menus (Photos and Flickr, as well as newest image posts from CloudyNights) and videos posted to my YouTube channel on the right.

I use these mounts for imaging:

  • Celestron CGEM, modified with ADM dual saddle, knobs and a Starizona Landing Pad (for better polar alignment adjustments, the original post and bolts are very difficult at times).
  • IOptron CEM25P

I use these mounts for observing or video of Solar/Planetary:

  • Celestron 8SE Mount
  • IOptron AZ Mount Pro

OTAs (Optical Tube Assemblies):

  • Explore Scientific ED80 APO (Triplet), with 2" Field Flat. (F/6)
  • HighPoint 6" Imaging Newtonian, with Baader MPCC Mark III Coma Corrector (F/4)
  • TPO 8" RC (Ritchey Chretien), with Atro-Physics CCDT67 .67x Reducer (F/8 native, F/5.3 Reduced)
  • Coronado PST Solar Telescope

Guide Scopes:

  • ZWO 60MM Guide Scope (F/4.6)
  • Orion 50MM Guide Scope (F/3.2)


  • Atik Horizon Color (cooled) - 16MP
  • ZWO ASI294MC Pro (Cooled) - 11.3MP
  • ZWO ASI178MC - 6.4MP
  • ZWO ASI224MC - 1.27MP
  • ZWO ASI120MM - 1.2MP


  • Atik Infinity (for the Horizon camera)
  • Sharpcap Pro
  • PHD2 (Guiding)